How to Get Your Bankers to Promote Digital Products

By Reagan Bonlie
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Technology has transformed how customers engage with the banking industry. All of a sudden, having a great institution is not enough. As banks adopt digital services, more effort is needed to increase adoption of financial services.

Even more crucial is ensuring that frontline staff are equipped to promote and advocate digital products effectively. Your employees power your business. Imagine how powerful they become when empowered with the right strategies to drive adoption and engagement with your digital products.

In this article, we discussed essential strategies and techniques to help your bankers promote digital products.

1. Address Staff’s Concerns About Job Security

a. Recognize the Issue

Would you agree to give up a job you love? That’s how employees perceives promoting your digital products. They worry about their job security. You need to recognize this obstacle and communicate the benefits proactively.

b. Communicate the Benefits

Let employees know the positive impacts digital products have on the institution’s growth and profitability. By doing so, you help them understand that digital transformation can lead to job creation and enhanced career opportunities, alleviating their concerns about job security.

2. Build Confidence in Digital Products

a. Train Them on Digital Products

To promote digital banking effectively, frontline staff must be confident in using these products themselves. Providing training on how to use digital tools and platforms can significantly improve employees’ confidence in the tools, making them more inclined to recommend these solutions to customers.

b. Hands-on Experience

Encourage employees to use the digital products they are promoting. By gaining hands-on experience, staff will develop a better understanding of the features and benefits, enabling them to advocate for these tools more convincingly.

3. Creating a Culture of Digital Advocacy

a. Get Employees Engaged Early

Involve your staff in the digital transformation process from the beginning. With this, they can contribute their ideas and insights, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment to the initiative.

b. Develop Internal Champions

Assign internal “product champions” to employees who are well-versed in the digital products. These champions helps address questions and concerns with the team, further promoting a culture of digital advocacy within the organization.

4. Empower Frontline Staff to Promote Digital Banking

a. Enhance Digital Fluency

Equip your employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to speak confidently about digital banking products. This can include providing training on product features, benefits, and technical specifications. This enables your staff to be able to translate features into benefits and be able to make customers in different scenarios understand the benefits of the digital products.

b. Leverage Role-Play Scenarios

Role-play scenarios into your training programs helps staff develop the ability to have empathetic, engaging conversations with customers about digital products. This approach eases employees’ discomfort in promoting digital banking solutions, resulting in more natural and effective discussions.

5. Develop Compelling Messaging

a. Highlight Key Benefits

When promoting digital products, focus on the most valuable and compelling benefits that resonate with customers. By emphasizing these advantages, your messaging will stand out among the countless other ads and promotions customers encounter daily. Customers also immediately understand the value they get from your products and services.

b. Tap Into the Emotional Appeal

Consider tapping into the emotions of your target audience. Messaging that evokes a strong emotional response creates a more powerful and memorable impression in users. This helps drive higher engagement and adoption.

6. Leverage Digital and Traditional Channels

a. Maximize Awareness

Promote your digital banking products across various channels. Implement digital and traditional methods to maximize awareness and reach. This can include online advertising, in-branch promotions, ATM screens, and call center interactions. But, make sure your message is concise, clear and shows immediate value.

b. Consistency and Repetition

Consistency in marketing is a powerful psychology tip. As humans we get drawn to things we see and listen to regularly. It gets imprinted in our brains.

So, ensure that your messaging is consistent across channels and repeated frequently. The more often customers see your message, the more likely they will remember it and take action.

7. Implement Effective Call-to-Actions

a. Be Clear and Direct

Include a simple, singular, straightforward call-to-action in your marketing materials. This should be a direct, informative statement that clearly guides the customer on what they should do next. As ads are everywhere stealing users attention, you’ll want users to do just one simple thing from your message.

b. Reward Attention

When customers take the desired action, ensure that they are rewarded. Rewards can be as little as a positive experience and interaction with your company and products. Provide easy access, offer in-depth support, or deliver personalized content to enhance their engagement.

8. Assess Performance and Adapt to Changes

a. Track Metrics

Monitor the performance of your digital product promotion efforts by regularly tracking key metrics. This can include adoption rates, engagement levels, and revenue generated from digital products.

b. Stay Agile

Stay flexible and be prepared to modify your strategies based on the performance data gathered. Continuously evaluating and refining your approach, allows you to optimize your efforts and maximize the success of your digital product promotions.

Remember, the first step to making your employees digital ambassadors of your product is by addressing their concerns. Thereafter, build their confidence in your digital products and foster a culture of digital advocacy.

Leveraging effective messaging, marketing tactics and empowering your frontline staff in your bank allows successful promotion of digital banking products. With this, financial institutions can drive better adoption and engagement, leading to improved customer experiences and increased profits.