Which life insurance should I get?

By Reagan Bonlie
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Here are the basic types of life insurance you should know before choosing one:

Permanent life: Offers lifelong coverage that doesn't expire so long as the premiums continue to be paid. This type of life insurance also typically has a cash value component that grows over time. However, these policies are usually much more expensive than other types of life insurance such as term.

Term life: Provides coverage for a specified period of time or "term", often between 10 and 30 years. Term life insurance typically allows a policyholder to provide a larger death benefit for a much lower premium than permanent life insurance. Some term life insurance policies allow the policyholder to extend the term or convert it to permanent coverage. Coverage ceases when the policy term ends.

Final expense: If you’re older or require protection for burial or other end-of-life costs, final expense insurance is reasonable and easy to qualify for.

How do I pick the right life insurance?

First, you have to consider these questions,

  • Are you financially supporting a spouse, partner, or other family member? How long would they need your pay to live if you died?
  • What end-of-life costs do you wish to cover?
  • Have you saved enough for your retirement?
  • Mortgage? What’s your repayment schedule?
  • Do you pay for your kids’ schooling or child care?
  • Do you want your kids to go to college? Public or private institutions? When is that going to start/end?

These questions might help you evaluate how long your loved ones will require coverage and which policy is best. Use our life insurance calculator to determine coverage amounts and understand how long you should have life insurance coverage.

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