The best company culture is improved Financial Wellness

Nudge improves your team's mental health, retention and productivity, AND saves you $271.50 per employee. Built by former finance executives, it uses its new high-tech to improve your employees’ financial health.

Mental Health
Better sense of well-being

82% of financially stressed employees are less likely to feel valued at work. It affects their mental health making them unhappy, distracted and causes physical health problems. Nudge eases these concerns and improves the sense of wellbeing.


Better team performance

Most employees distracted by their finances spend 3 more hours each week at work and misses 3 - 4 work days per year dealing with their finances. Get back this lost time, and allow your team to be focused, increasing productivity.


Help your team feel valued

Your employees may be actively searching for a new job that cares more about their financial wellbeing. With the rising inflation, it’s becoming difficult for employees to make ends meet. On average, 76% of financially stressed employees are in search of an employer with more attractive benefits.


“Through a thoughtful approach to financial wellness, we ensure that your team feels valued and supported, enabling them to navigate their personal aspirations and responsibilities with ease.”

“Invest in your employees financial well-being, empowering them to pursue what truly matters to THEM.”

Working with Nudge, your employees get...

Curated financial plans Roadmaps to improve their finances Emergency funds, plan for retirement & more Actionable insights on what to do to achieve these financial goals Head start on beating of inflation, cover basic necessities, plan for their kids’ education


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